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Nomads in Turkey - Vacation 2009 - Sandy Davis Photography

April 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Today, I came across some pictures from a Turkey Trip in 2009. We took an excursion to find out a little bit about the Nomads in Turkey.



Throughout the coastal region of Turkey you will come across groups of nomadic herders, the yörüks, who in the winter come down to the pastures by the coast and in the summer, when the sun shrivels the vegetation on the coast, travel up into the mountains, where there is sufficient grass for the animals until the autumn rains again regenerate the pastures on the coast. You will see a few of the traditional black goat-hair tents, usually covered in plastic sheets nowadays, of the truly nomadic yörüks, though many now have more permanent houses on the coast and in the mountains. In other parts of Turkey there are larger numbers of these Nomads, who carry everything with them on donkeys and camels along with their flocks of sheep and goats. To control the large flocks of sheep and guard their property the Nomads have large dogs. They are usually bred in the East to take on the wolves that used to, and sometimes still do, attack the flocks, and these large dogs could successfully and will take on a wolf.
_MG_2105_MG_2105 _MG_2107_MG_2107

Though the life of the yörüks is becoming less nomadic in modern Turkey and they are losing many of their traditions, they still make superb clothes with patterns and colors particular to the clan and region they belong to. The dress of these nomadic herdsmen has changed and though you still see some in the black shaggy goats-hair capes, more and more have adopted western style dress. The women more traditionally wear the 'Salvar', the baggy trousers and short jacket, usually in a floral material, and on their heads a scarf cleverly arranged and knotted so it looks almost like a hat.
_MG_2108_MG_2108 _MG_2116_MG_2116 _MG_2117_MG_2117 The Yörüks are not gypsies as is sometimes suggested. Their origins are probably from the indigenous peoples of Anatolia and it is likely they were here before the Turcoman Tribes migrated down from the North. They do not wander the length and breadth of Turkey, but have definite routes and areas in the lowlands and highlands bordering the coast. They are a proud people who have to some extent been left behind in rapidly modernizing Turkey and their traditional routes and rights would appear to have been overlooked as roads are cut through the country and property is snapped up by developers.
_MG_2141_MG_2141 _MG_2150_MG_2150 _MG_2283_MG_2283 _MG_2289_MG_2289


I love this image of a Nomad and couldn't help digital painting it.

Normade finalNormade final





Custom Sports Edits - Digital Art - Sandy Davis Photography

March 22, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

My favorite Senior Pictures Location in Woodbridge, VA

March 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Great Location for your Senior Pictures!

With the weather starting to turn, and customers asking to book their senior sessions, I am frequently asked about a great location for Senior Pictures. I have to say, my favorite place in the area is Occoquan. The little historic town is so charming, with its restaurants, shops, old buildings, parks, a bridge, waterfall and waterfront. You just have such a big variety of different looks all in one location.

Historic Occoquan is an original 18th-Century mill town nestled on the banks of the Occoquan River. Designated a Virginia historic landmark in 1983, Occoquan is neither a precise restoration nor a museum, but a living, breathing artists' community filled with over 100 shops. This charming town has successfully combined over 200 years of history with the modern attractions of shopping and dining. Occoquan offers everything from antiques, arts, crafts, fashions, and gifts to unique specialty shops for miniature enthusiasts and much more.

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My first Blog Post | All about Me | Sandy Davis Photography

March 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment




and welcome to my blog! My name is Sandy Davis. I've been a Photographer since 2004. I recently decided to give my website a new look and to start blogging a little bit and share some knowledge with you of things I've learned over the years. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Germany. I finished college as a fashion designer. Yes, I also modelled a little bit in my young days.



After falling in love with an army man, I decided to follow him to the United States. Soon after we got married in Ft Stewart, GA our son Jeffrey was born in January of 1995.


Being in the military means moving all the time. We've been in many places in the last 25 years, Vilseck, Ft Stewart, Zanesville, Buedingen, Grafenwoehr and Woodbridge. We met great people and lifelong friends along the way.  I really enjoyed moving around and got to see a lot of different parts of the world. You get used to it so much, that even now after we settled down here in Virginia you feel like you need a change after 3 years.

In 1999 our son Jordan was born, to make our family complete.  My boys are my biggest accomplishment in my life. I don't know what I would do without them!



I was mostly a house wife taking care of the family and a photographer of my own kids, which I'm sure was very annoying o them.
In 2001 we got custody of my husbands daughter Stacia. I really started taking more pictures when my kids started playing sports. I combined my photography skills and computer skills and created great photos and collages. At least I thought I was, lol. I have to thank all my Zanesville peeps that trusted me and gave me a chance to experiment. Looking back at some pictures now I notice I had no clue what I was doing.


Beginning sportsBeginning sports  

I started to buy more professional equipment and set up a little studio at my home on Convers Ave. I remember getting my first Canon Power Shot and was shocked when the pictures came out blurry. Now I know it's not so much the type of camera you use, but the way you operate it. 


In January 2004 a big tragedy hit us. My 16 year old stepdaughter was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Even though she was sick, we had many photo sessions together. She loved taking pictures and never gave up hope. I had to put my dreams on hold for a while to take care of her and the rest of the family. Sadly, only one year later she passed away. It’s when I noticed how important a single photograph could be.




















In 2007 we returned to Vilseck Germany and my business grew pretty fast. I had a little studio in my house for a while and opened a huge studio in November 2011. Oh, how I miss it and the people that worked for me. One of them was my sister Sylvia. I still dream of doing it all over again here in the United States, only if she could move closer to me!! We had so much fun while working hard, but it really never felt like work.


I photographed anything from sports, seniors, families, babies, schools, daycares, events etc. I attended a lot of workshops and took online classes to master my skill.


After 7 years, in summer of 2014 we returned to the states. We settled down and bought a house in Woodbridge, VA and I continued doing what I love. I photograph mostly on location and at events. I can't talk my husband into giving up his man cave, but believe me, I'm still trying! Lately, I've been working on templates and other digital items that I want to offer to other photographers.


My newest highlight of my life is my grandbaby. Braxton was born in September 2019 and he's our everything. Isn't he cute?




I'm sure he's going to be the most photographed grandbaby in the whole wide world. We already had a few Photo Sessions in the last six months. 


I love the ability of my camera freezing LIFE for an instant.


The idea of creating something that people will truly cherish, is more gratifying than anything I had ever done. I feel so honored to be photographing other families and helping them document their own memories.



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